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New Hampshire Cider Works

In 2006, Carter Hill Orchard formed New Hampshire Cider Works in partnership with Duane Family Farm. Our on-site cider press works throughout the fall and winter. We use only hand-picked apples for our cider. You can buy our cider by the jug-full in our country store or at various area merchants.

Cider Press
New Hampshire Cider Works' cider press.

Learn more about how our cider press works by taking our cider press virtual tour.

Merchants interested in stocking New Hampshire Cider Works pasteurized cider should contact Carter Hill Orchard.

Note: If you remember the great taste of unpasteurized cider, you'll have to come to the orchard. Due to federal restrictions, unpasteurized cider is only available at the point-of-production. It is not available in stores.


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